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Noah 南京龙凤论坛 also said: “I didn’t say, Ji Jia, no magician would care about the refugees on his barren territories. Those territories are just allocated to you to set off your noble status. Really good territories. You also need to use your own power to obtain it in the future. At the beginning, we can […]

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also slapped his palm fiercely. He asked me, “Anyone who has been asked for three consecutive requests will feel sad and want to cry. But then again, Ji Jia, is it really okay to agree to this duel?”

“Even if your actual combat experience is extremely rich, but In the duel field, there is still an insurmountable gap between you and William. That is the level between you. How do you want to bridge this gap?” Thinking of a few days, I should be able to advance to the fifth level of magic. […]

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Fortunately, we magicians have magic handles, and we usually fly around the sea, making it easy to connect.

Senior Dylan lives on the Bellan, and I have to go back and forth between the slave ship and the 江苏桑拿论坛 Bellan every day, so although Jacques’s power is weaker, it doesn’t matter, at least he has been on the Bellan. The sailors of the United States became a piece. Afterwards, I stared at Jacques […]

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gently pulled the money bag hanging around her waist, sighed slightly, and then

stood up straight. Our eyes met through the clean glass. She was surprised and her mouth grew sharply. Turning and staring at me: “Jijia, why are you here?” It was really Annie. I spread my hands and hugged her, and said to her: “I’m going to school in the Imperial Capital, but why did you […]

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ane of Yero, and then successively drawing magic scrolls, forcing me to frequently use meditation every night to restore mana. Not long after I was promoted to the fourth-level magician, the magic pool in my body began. There were some signs of promotion.

However, two consecutive promotion is not something to be happy 南京桑拿按摩网 about. The new magic pool wall has not been completely stabilized, which 南京桑拿楼凤网 will cause the disadvantage of unstable magic foundation. Noah was envious of me being able to advance on the plane of Hierro, and when he knew that our team had hunted […]

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ient elven language, my name is inscribed at the same time: Master: Ji Jia Mage.

I gradually let go of my spiritual sea, and tried to communicate with her on a spiritual level. It was an endless golden ocean. In the middle of the sea stood the phantom of Yelangya Mountain, and a huge wind pillar rushed straight from the top of the cliff. Into the clouds, there are electric […]

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“Golden cider turned out to be delicious with grilled sausage and bread.” But just a drunk Jast Si is obviously a silly talker, he keeps nagging, I’m afraid only the good-tempered Luca can bear it. In the night, a light boat separated the waves and rowed over from the quiet lake silently. The old man […]