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e, it seems that the temper of the swordsman in front of him is not good, he can see that he is already controlling his anger, but his hand is still on the hilt of his sword. At this time, Katerina’s tears fell instantly. I know that this cheerful girl has a strong personality and is definitely not a woman who is so easy to cry. I only heard her voice saying in an aggrieved voice: “Sister Singh is going to marry. Now, Qiniang chose me to be her personal maid, and told me to marry her with her in the future. What is the difference between the lowly dancers who signed the contract and the slaves? I was driven away, given away, and selected as a dowry. What kind of dowry is in our own hands, please, Dayi, I know you are a good person, but don’t come to me, okay?”

After that, Catalina slammed me around the young sword Stari ran to the caravan, and Dayi stood on the spot in astonishment, without even thinking of holding Catalina. I couldn’t understand it. The tears that Katerina burst out when she ran were blown away by the wind. She was sad in her heart and didn’t […]