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in and didn’t cause much damage to Yan Min.
Dortmund’s players surrounded the referee and wanted the referee to play against Rincon.
The Hamburg players also surrounded the referee and told him that Rincon shoveled the football first, and Yan Min was a flop.
Just when the two sides were arguing, Zhou Yi stepped forward and found Yan Min who had just gotten up from the ground.
“Ready to pick up, let’s take a free kick!”
Zhou Yi said this to him, then turned to place the football.
Yan Min was stunned at first, but he quickly reacted. He quickly pulled aside, why didn’t he run to the middle? Because the center is now full of people, even if he goes there, quick free kicks lose their meaning.
In the dispute between the players on both sides, the referee showed Rincon a yellow card.
The Hamburg players and Dortmund players were very dissatisfied with this result. The Hamburg players believed that they shouldn’t 南京龙凤网 call a foul at all, and giving a yellow card is even more absurd. The Dortmund players think that giving a yellow card is too light and should be given a red card directly.
Of course, the demands of both parties are biased, unreasonable, and not right. But this is football. Everyone only considers their own interests. At this time, it doesn’t matter whether it is right or wrong.
This can be regarded as a certain degree of “unscrupulous in order to win”, right?
The referee waved to disperse them.
The players on both sides dispersed reluctantly.
The Hamburg players were going to line up the wall. They were planning to waste time.
At this time, after Zhou Yi set up the football, he suddenly kicked it out!
“Free kick fast!”
Seeing this situation, the referee hesitated. In the end, he did not whistle to signal Dortmund to retry. He 南京品茶网 did not award a direct free kick, which means that this free kick does not need to wait for his whistle. You can drive out.
The Hamburg players did not react at first, knowing that they saw Yan Min receiving the ball on the wing, and then sudd