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intercept the ball.
Anthony used his big butt to push Christie away from himself while observing the Lakers’ defense.
After confirming that he did not double-team up, he directly chose to turn around and make a jumper!
As the ultimate lover of dry draws, Anthony has even more dry draws than McGrady in his longer career!
Then it scored!
Anthony finally found his own offensive rhythm, and the Pistons finally broke the scoring drought on the court!
32 to 35!
Barkley’s mouth is indeed poisonous.
and so on!
Sun Hao, facing Prince’s defense with the ball, broke through to the free throw line and hit a jumper, which also caused Prince’s defensive foul!
This is the first time since the opening, Sun Hao head-on to break through Prince’s defensive scoring!
Is Sun Hao becoming stronger?
of course not! 南京龙凤网
Prince’s defense weakened?
Not really!
There are actually two issues involved.
One is scoring efficiency.
If you want to say that Prince’s defense is so strong that scorers like Sun Hao and Kobe can’t score points, that’s definitely unrealistic.
Just like Sun Hao’s first two three-pointers were iconic withdrawal three-pointers, Prince couldn’t prevent it either.
Prince’s defense is more about creating scoring difficulty for them, and reducing their scoring efficiency through continuous high-pressure defense throughout the game.
Fans who have watched the game carefully will find that Kobe’s game against Prince is often the first to be accurate and then the iron.
The second is the change in Sun Hao’s offensive threat.
Sun Hao’s standard and overall state in the first quarter were not particularly good, which allowed Prince to 南京夜生活论坛 be extremely aggressive when defensive.
But Sun Hao sent 5 points and 1 assist when he came up in the second quarter. This state will make him hesitate.
For example, he considers whether you will retreat three-pointers suddenly like the previous two when you catch the ball, and whether he will choose to pass the ball to others.
These are