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tion, the three of the team felt very reasonable.
Especially Zhang Weiping, I saw Director Zhang said with emotion: “So it turns out that there is a loophole in our system.
But I never thought that this loophole actually leaked out a Monkey King.”
” Right , Su Feng, you said. If you want to skip college, do you think you have a better chance of skipping college and 南京419论坛 entering the NBA?” Xu Jicheng asked curiously.
At the moment, Chinese basketball is still in a state of little understanding of the NBA.
Su Feng remembers that when Yao Ming becomes the No. 1 pick in the future, there will be quite a few people who think this is right.
They didn’t realize how amazing Yao Ming was.
Brothers, wake up, this is the No. 1 pick in the NBA!
“In the case of the draft, the United States is mainly based on this draft.”
Su Feng did not hide his personal interests, and directly moved out of his future holdings of major forums.
But just after Su Feng explained to the team three about the NBA draft, Su Junyang said with a worried look: “Since the draft is so difficult, why don’t you go to college first?”
“Because I want to be in Michael Before Jordan retired, he fought with him. It’s true that my teammate 南京桑拿会所 Kobe thought the same way.”
Su Feng knows, as long as you can’t go down anyway, then move Michael Jordan out and you’re done.
After listening to Su Feng’s words, Zhang Weiping couldn’t help but give Su Feng a big compliment.
Next, the three of them talked about basketball.
For Su Feng, the favorability score of the trio of 南京龙凤论坛 the small team can be described as an instantaneous blowout.
After all, such a good-sounding, capable, polite, and most importantly young man who can cook, who doesn’t like it?
It is worth mentioning that before the end of the interview, Su Junyang specially asked Su Feng a question, “Su Feng, do you think I can translate Kobe Bryant’s name as Kobe?”
Xu Jicheng smiled. “I think Xiaosu’s proposal is good, Kobe, this is a very unique name.”
Of course it’s unique.