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: “This is for you.”
Kobe who took over Taco looked at James’ schoolbag and asked, “How can I be so familiar with
your schoolbag ?” James, who thought Kobe was going to grab his own schoolbag, was anxious. I can’t give you this schoolbag. It was given to me by my majesty the king. He said this schoolbag will bring me good luck.”
Kobe remembered that
this schoolbag is the one that Su Feng had always carried in his senior year. ?
“Could it be that carrying
a schoolbag can really bring good luck?” Thinking of Su Feng’s smooth career, Kobe has already begun to wonder whether he should also get a schoolbag and carry it
on the court. Don’t make fun of the All-Star Game.
After the starters of the two teams stood on the center circle respectively, in the jump ball, Ewing lost to his old friend, 南京炮网 the big dream.
In this life, affected by Su Feng’s butterfly effect, Ewing did not withdraw from the All-Star Game due to injury.
The reason is:
After Pippen became a substitute for the Eastern Stars, in Ewing’s view, even if he closed forty-seven shots, he would stand up to mock Pippen in the All-Star Game.
The result is
anyway, Ewing tonight is even happier than his future apprentice Howard.
On the field, the West Army made the first offense, Hill was facing Malone, and Su Feng was facing Camp.
Because the All-Star Game in this period was a real recklessness, so when Stockton came up, after a wink at Payton, the Western army was first played by the second veteran of the Jazz.
Hill has a difficult ball.
Because he could protect himself, but could not protect his upper body, he could only choose to make way for Ma Long obediently.
And just when Ma Long was about to perform the snap button, the “old hooligans” on the side turned to the horse, slapped the horse and rushed to it, and stubbornly pulled the basketball out of Ma Long’s elbow!
Because Riley can’t change in the opening game, the defensive tactic of the Eastern Stars tonight is to 南京品茶网 shrink the inside.
After the steal thi