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Yang Yue opened his eyes wide in surprise, and said in surprise: ”
Slaying the Golden Core Demon was just casually. What kind of cultivation is this, I am afraid it has reached the realm of Yuanying!” Li Gongfu wanted to ask what is the realm of “Yuanying”. .
But think about it, forget it, anyway, I don’t understand it, it should be more advanced than Jin Dan.
“Then Mr. Jiang said that he had tortured out 南京品茶网 the contact information and hiding places of the thieves, scattered all over the south of the Yangtze River, wrote a booklet, and put it on the side of my bed. As long as you follow these contact methods, you will be able to spot those criminals.
“I woke up and saw this booklet on the table.”
Li Gongfu said as he took out the thin booklet from his arms.
Yang Yue hurriedly took over and opened it carefully, and looked carefully that Li Gongfu didn’t dare to bother and stood beside him.
Yang Yue quickly read it again, it is not complicated, the hiding place, contact information, assembly code and so on.
With this information, the culprits can be found out.
The case of child theft finally had an eyebrow, which made Yang Yue very happy. He looked up at Li Gongfu and found Li Gongfu standing next to him.
“Why are you standing? Sit next to you.” Yang Yue said.
“How dare you sit in front of the head catcher?” Li Gongfu laughed with him.
That Mr. Jiang spoke to Li Gongfu twice, even if the two sides didn’t have any deep relationship, at this moment there was an incense.
Killing the Golden Core Great Demon, even the head of his division could hardly do 南京龙凤论坛 it. As for him, he is only a cultivator at the peak of Qi refining, and he has not even reached the foundation building.
To the immortal characters like’Mr. Jiang’, these low-level cultivators show respect from the bottom of their hearts.
There is an intersection between Li Gongfu and that Mr. Jiang. Invisibly, Yang Yue also looked up to Li Gongfu a bit.
“Sit down, you don’t have to be too restrictive here in the future.”