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ndent Guo picked up the cigarette and went to the next one. Root, a plume of smoke slowly rose, covering half of his face.

Chief Superintendent Guo said lightly, “You can guarantee that he has no other ideas now. Look at the things he did. Many of the things he did have already exceeded the scope of the undercover agent. I suspect that he has given birth to other thoughts a long time ago. .”
Superintendent Huang looked at his superior in a daze, “Sir, you suspect Jiang Hao.”
“Don’t say you didn’t doubt it.” Superintendent Guo looked at Superintendent Huang, who was suffocated. 南京品茶网 .
Hung Hom World Funeral Home is the place where camel funerals are held. The entire funeral home is filled with wreaths. All the Dongxing brothers are here. The scene is extremely magnificent.
Camel’s family 南京桑拿会所 came back from the UK. Camel has two sons and a daughter, none of them in Hong Kong. The camel licked blood, how dare to keep his family here.
There were waves of people who came to worship,
“Mr. Heshengtang Yuan Fu Qingyuan came to worship.”
“Mr. Han Chenhan from the United British News Agency came to worship.”
“Mr. Jiang Tiansheng Jiang from Hongxingshe Come to worship.”
“Hetu Mr. Wu Xiongwu came to worship.” The
worshippers were in an endless stream. Camel had been the leader of the Eastern Stars for more than ten years. He had a vast friendship and status there, almost Hong Kong. The leaders of the big gangs are here, and thousands of gang members have gathered in the open space outside the funeral home.
The police were even more cautious about the gathering of community members. They dispatched more than one hundred 南京419论坛 police officers, including Oji, Anti-Triad Group, and Ptu Police Tactical Unit, to stand ready outside the funeral home, ready to respond to what might happen.
The anti-triad group Superintendent Yu and Superintendent Huang were sitting in a command vehicle. They parked not far from the funeral parlour. The glass of the command vehicle was one-sided, and the outside situation cou