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people even worry that Yang Pan’s downturn has not passed.
A reporter stood up and stretched in the press stand. Although Siena was attacking, their offensive quality was really bad. Except for three threatening shots in the first ten minutes of the game, they were basically just thundering and not raining.
“This game is really dull.” He yawned and said to himself.
Siena’s midfielder made a pass error, and Yang Pan broke the ball easily. But this time he didn’t pass the ball like before. Facing 南京419论坛 the opponent who was pushing up, he first made a fake move to pass to the right and then insert the right back, and then while the opponent’s center of gravity moved past, he pulled to the right very quickly with his right foot. , Immediately after this left foot, knock the football straight forward and accelerate! Beyond! breakthrough!
Yang Pan, who broke through, dribbled the ball a little to the right of the midfield. Judging from the previous game, he would definitely choose the right bottom pass. So Siena put all his defensive attention on this road, and after finishing his pockets, he waited for Yang Pan to get in, and then closed the door and beat the dog.
But Yang Pan didn’t mean to go to the right. He moved the ball to the center and moved closer to the center! Does he want to draw the other person’s attention to the 南京夜生活论坛 middle, and then separate the sides?
When everyone’s guessing was uncertain, Yang Pan shrugged his shoulders and took the ball to a place only 23 meters away from the goal. The opponent’s defensive midfielder chased after him. Whether he was going to pass the ball or shoot directly, he shouldn’t. Give him 20 meters of space in the middle!
It is a pity that they realized this problem was a bit late.
Yang Pan grabbed the front of his opponent, he lifted his right leg, and then volleyed vigorously! The whole person was lifted into the air by the power of the shot, just avoiding the shovel behind!
The football itself spins at a high speed, blasting towards the goal like sh