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h the performance of the players. He smiled: “Because we are going to play against Real Madrid tomorrow.”
Everyone was stunned!
In the 南京品茶网 Bernabeu and Real Madrid, few teams in the world have the courage!
The next day, it was still this dressing room. Sabato is shouting at his men like a madman: “Remember! We are one goal behind! One goal behind! If we don’t attack with all our strength, we will lose! Only attack, attack, and attack again. We can only hope to advance if we break through Real Madrid’s goal! You must think so! We can’t defend ourselves. We have only one way to attack! Anyone who dares to stop our attack will be killed!”
Sabato is now like that of Africa and South America. Like the Wizard, he uses spiritual hints on his players, hypnotizes his team, and makes them think from the heart that they are one goal behind and must attack to win.
Zhang Jun thinks it’s no wonder that the locker rooms of professional teams are restricted to the outside world, and 南京夜生活论坛 Fiorentina’s is probably even more so. Otherwise, if outsiders see this scene, they will be scared to death. He thought that Florence had hired a mental patient to coach.
Xiang Tao was very comfortable with Sabato’s mentally ill performance. He jumped up and howled like Sabato, “That’s right! Use an offense to beat Real Madrid to the ground! After the beat, they saw us all. Take a detour! Isn’t it more than the number of goals? What a big thing! Florence has never been afraid of anyone!!”
Sabato applauded Xiang Tao like an enthusiastic audience: “That’s great! You should ask Xiang Xiang Tao learn and show your aura! Cree! What face are you covering?”
Zhang Jun, who was sitting next to Cree, heard Cree mutter while covering his face: “It’s too shameful.”
He couldn’t help laughing . He was nervous. The atmosphere made Sabato and Xiang Tao 南京龙凤论坛 both disturbed without a trace.
The atmosphere of the Bernabéu is warm. For the visiting team, such a high stand and the deafening noise, it is as if the high stand