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t is still quite nasty. Now, he has found a chance to fight face! But for this celebration, I want Rong This process of scoring is the real slap in the face to Heathfield.”
Marcel Leif is right. Heathfield’s face is very ugly now, but it’s not all because of glory 南京龙凤论坛 showing his muscles in front of him. action.
It is because in the loss of the ball just now, Rongguang is facing what the experienced veterans have shown.
Heathfield, his most proud veterans, were defeated in front of such a dumbfounded face!
Especially Lizarazu, in the face of a series of flexible changes in glory, the former world’s top left-back is awkwardly like an old man, unable to react at all. In the end, she fell to the ground by the glory, and she couldn’t get up at
all. Right, haven’t you gotten up yet?
He turned his head and looked over and found that Link, who was standing next to Lizarazu, was making a substitution gesture to the coaching bench, while Lizarazu was hugging his knees and was curling up on the ground in pain!
Lizarazu was injured? !
His main left back in the first half of the game was injured in the defense of Glory? !
Hissfield’s face turned black all of a sudden, as if he had become an African
. He scored a goal in a one-stop manner by Glory, not to mention, he also injured his main left-back!
This is extremely embarrassing!
When he turned his gaze back again, the glory was surrounded by his teammates. 南京桑拿会所 But he can still see his face vaguely.
The boy
Schaff jumped from the ground.
He waved his fist and was hugged by Alofs.
The manager of the club is as excited as him.
Rongguang scored a lead in the game against Bayern Munich, it couldn’t be more perfect!
This is a double blow to Bayern Munich!
The two are rarely as refreshing as they are today.
Glory is that Bayern Munich took the initiative not to list for rent, and it was Bayern Munich who took the initiative to rent to Werder Bremen for two seasons.
What a retribution!
In the media gallery, the cheers of th