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barbecue is really different from the barbecues he eats in China. The meat here is much better.
But when he saw that Rongguang had only eaten a little, he also put down his own barbecue.
He realized that as a professional player, it is best not to touch something like barbecue.
In the National Youth Team and when he first went to Werder Bremen, Gao Lin only regarded Rongguang as his captain in the National Youth Team and was a successful person.
But now, in Gao Lin’s mind, glory has risen to become his idol, a guiding light.
What idols do is right and makes sense.
If you want to be someone like an idol, you have to do what an idol does.
So if idols don’t eat barbecue, they don’t eat it, even if they really want to eat
it. At this time, learn how to pick up a banana, 南京桑拿会所 peel it, and then eat it!
In order to be a successful star, to gain a foothold in Europe, and to go further, what is it to go to a better team to abandon food?
After playing in Germany for a year, Gao Lin’s vision has grown rapidly. He used to think that as long as he could play abroad, he would be successful, even if he was a substitute in Werder Bremen.
Went to Werder Bremen because of Klasnic’s illness, he was able to become the main force.
After being the main player for half a season, he is not reconciled to return to the bench. So I came to Rongguang to train together.
This season, he is still the main force in Werder Bremen, and has five goals in half a season, in addition to four assists, this performance not only made him a main force in Werder Bremen, His agent also told him that other teams in Europe were also interested 南京龙凤网 in his performance.
Now he is unwilling to continue playing in the Bundesliga. He also wants to go to the Premier League and La Liga.
He knew very well that in order to achieve these goals, he had to put in enough effort.
So he is willing to follow the glory to Brazil, even if he can’t go back to be with his family.
Compared with my teammates in China, and compared with the pla