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on felt that he was under a lot of pressure,南京419论坛 but he didn’t know why
if he could, he hoped that Davis would keep doing this. Intensity.
The story of Su Feng and Iverson embracing the Buddha’s feet temporarily is not shown. On the afternoon of the 28th, the Chicago Bulls also arrived in Philadelphia.
After staying in the hotel, the Bulls players were immediately confused.
Because 南京龙凤网 the hotel where they are staying is the center of the circle, within one kilometer nearby, is
this a concert?
When the very penetrating noise penetrated the hotel room, all the Bulls players felt as uncomfortable as fans watching the World Cup in South Africa in the future.
This is definitely more exaggerated noise than Vuvuzela!
Berlin Berg spent a lot of money to invite talented musicians from various high schools in Philadelphia, anyway, whatever the noise is, just do whatever it takes.
The Bulls don’t even call the police, because the Philadelphia Police Department stated that the Bulls are just in time for the annual Philadelphia “Carnival.”
Revel your MMP!
When did Philadelphia have such a tradition?
Don’t ask, ask is that Philadelphia is united as one, and if you have the ability, you should ask the head of the 南京夜生活论坛rice family to complain.
Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you, because the rice grain family has a special system, so you may find a leader and not necessarily use it.
“Forget it, give each player earplugs.” Jackson said weakly.
However, even if it is a well-informed “Zen Master”, how can he think of it, Berlin Berg, there is no lower limit than he imagined.
The next day, when the Bulls players arrived at the training hall they rented at the agreed time,
they were notified that the air conditioning in the training hall had suddenly broken down.
Oh, dear Chicago Bulls players, I am really sorry, because we lose money every year, so this air conditioner has not been replaced for many years, or will you just leave it?
The “Zen Master” had nothing to do. On the 29th, even the tac