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e in a daze! Kick-off! We must win!” Gattuso yelled, Maldini has gone off the field, and the captain’s armband is now on his arm, he wants to be like a captain. Although the ball lost was due to his foul.
Di Livio 南京炮网 jumped up from his seat the moment Zhang Jun scored, and before the other teammates could react, he already cheered. Sure enough, he didn’t see the wrong person.
“Come on! Zhang Jun! You can do it!”
As Inter Milan is ahead of Bologna, AC Milan has changed from first to second. Their previous relaxed mood disappeared and they were tied by Florence. To lose the championship.
Yang Pan looked at Zhang Jun who was not excited after scoring a goal. He felt a burst of tension, and he licked his lips unconsciously. This is the second official match between him and Zhang Jun, but Zhang Jun is stronger than he thought.
Zhang Jun in AC Milan only played 40% of his strength for various reasons. Is it 100% now?
And those on the field who have been running for more than 80 minutes have to go all out and desperately. Now I am afraid 南京419论坛 that it is no longer a competition of skills and tactics, but a contest of spirit and intention.
He turned his head to look at Kaka who was waiting to serve, and the kid’s face was no longer relaxed. Before the game, he also joked that if Florence was relegated, then Zhang Jun would be invited to dinner as compensation. Now it seems that Zhang Jun is going to be a treat
Damn it! What am I thinking! The game is not over yet, we have not lost yet! I asked Zhang Jun to give it a try. It would be too shameful for me to give in early!
Zhang Jun, I’ve always been a partner with you, but now I realize that maybe we are more suitable as opponents.
The game was restarted by AC Milan kick-off. Zhang Jun’s goal pulled both sides back to the same starting line, AC Milan can no longer delay the game, they must score another goal. This is 南京桑拿会所 how Florence wants it: both sides attack with all their strength. It’s as if two fighters don’t defend and only throw their punch