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oming to this set 南京炮网 now. Little Colangino will definitely not eat it. what.
When the old thief heard that his seniority didn’t work, he quickly inquired.
There is no time, no time to drag Colangino anymore.
Colangino is also an open man. He speaks as a first-round pick + George Hill + Gary Neal + DeJuan Blair. He wrote the word robbery directly on his face. It can be said that the Spurs’ potential The stocks are all over.
And because Neal and Blair are both undrafted and second-round picks, the salary is not high, and the Suns can be balanced with only one Brooks in this trade.
It was a robbery.
In normal times, the pick + Brooks may not even be able to change George Hill.
But now it’s not only exchanged, but more can be exchanged.
“My young people don’t speak martial arts! To lie to old comrades like me, is this okay? This is not good!” The 南京水磨会所 old thief was dumbfounded at the time. This Nima is darker than a digital person!
The children in Nancun deceived me and I am too weak. This is!
Obviously it can be exchanged with draft pick + Hill, because after hesitating, it is necessary to have Neil and Blair!
Looking blindly, Neal and Blair are indeed very promising.
Last season, Neal averaged close to 10 points per game in 20 minutes and made 40% of his three-pointers.
Blair is the rookie game MVP. He is the first player after Duncan to be able to score a double 20 in his rookie season. In April, he also scored 27 points and 23 rebounds.
The Spurs’ drafts have always been indifferent to the pick, so no one dares to say how high these two caps are.
The sun just wants to bet. If you don’t trade, you can only bet on one this year. After the transaction, you can bet four at a time.
It’s not fragrant.
Little Colangino, this is a clear robbery, there is no way, anyway, it is almost 15th overall, you love trading, not trading, anyway, I am not in a hurry.
This kind of robbery happens every year in the NBA.
The old thief swallowed and glanced at Budenholzer.
Is it worth it to ha