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e football, Mark can form a chance to shoot.
But if Zhou Yi is not there, then Mark has found an open spot, and his teammates may not be able to deliver the football in time. It’s not that the other Dortmund players can’t find an open spot, and they can’t pass an open spot, but in this regard, Zhou 南京419论坛 Yi’s moves are faster than them.
This is the so-called one to two seconds faster to understand the game than the average player.
In this regard, Zidane is an expert, he once said that in fact, he is only one to two seconds shorter than others in reading the game.
But it takes one to two seconds to determine whether a player is an 南京龙凤论坛 ordinary role player or a world-class master.
Since Zhou Yi and Mark cooperate better than the other teammates, what reason is there to separate them?
Maybe you can create a pair of Dortmund U17 golden partners?
The Bundesliga winter break is over, but the youth league has not yet started.
Because there are fewer participating teams in the Youth League.
The most recent youth team game has to wait until the end of February.
German football has a well-equipped youth team league, both U17 and U19.
And it is national in nature.
But there was no such statement before 2002. In 2002, in order to increase the intensity of training young players, the German Football Association decided to establish a national youth football league.
The league is divided into three regions: the northeast, the west and the south according to the 南京水磨会所 geographical location of each region.
Dortmund U17 is in the Western Division and is currently ranked fifth. The result is not too good, but it is not bad. At their best, they rushed to second place in the league, second only to their deadly rivals Schalke 04U17.
Later, as Gotze, Schneider and others were transferred to the first team and U19, the team’s performance began to decline, ups and downs.
When it came to the winter break, it ranked fifth.
Schalke 04U17 ranked first.
There are a total of 14 teams participating in the Wester