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In the final round of the group match, the South Korean team played against Qatar at home, and the Chinese team challenged Saudi Arabia away. They wanted to defeat Qatar at home and hope that the Chinese team would lose to Saudi Arabia away.
So this game is equivalent to a decisive battle between the two teams.
The South Korean team’s victory over the Chinese team will widen the difference 南京桑拿会所 between the two teams to four points, so no matter what the final round of the match between the two sides is, it will not change the fact that the South Korean Olympic team is the first in the group.
Before leaving for China, the head coach of the Korean Olympic team Hong Mingfu expressed confidence in an interview with a Korean reporter: “This is an away game, but I believe my players, they are all very good boys. We will fight away on the road. At the last moment, until victory!”
This declaration of expedition was impassioned and confident as he said.
He is certainly qualified to be so confident, because for a long time, Korean football has completely crushed Chinese football, whether it is at the national team or the youth team level.
Although Gao Hongbo’s Chinese team defeated the South Korean team in the 2010 East Asian Final 南京水磨会所 Four, it was South Korea’s second-tier team. The Koreans did not recognize the “Korean fear” of Chinese football and cured
these two Olympic teams. In the first round of the match, the Chinese team also lost to the South Korean team in the away game.
All these make Koreans full of confidence.
Even if the Chinese Olympic 南京炮网 team has four major players in European clubs, the Koreans are not afraid.
Because they have to work hard and fly back to participate in the competition from far away Europe, their state and physical fitness cannot be guaranteed.
Think about how the Chinese Olympic team lost to the South Korean team in the first round of the game. Isn’t it because after a long flight, the jet lag did not reverse the game and the result was poor physical fitnes