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se that has been dragging back, but his offense is increasingly not in line with the requirements of this Kings team.
The Kings traded him was not a whim, but a long-planned plan.
Fans actually know this. What they are uncomfortable with is that Webber may only be back with so many three prawns.
And one 南京龙凤网 more thing, with the rise of Peja, the contradiction between Weber and Peja is increasing.
The Kings manager also made a choice just like the Lakers did last summer.
Of course, what will happen, maybe only after the deal is completed and the game is played.
The King’s deal had nothing to do with the Lakers.
But Kupchak, the team’s general manager, seemed to happen suddenly.
He called Jr. Buss and Phil Jackson, and after obtaining their consent, he immediately contacted Christie.
The Magic sent Mobley to completely right Arenas.
Because Arenas and Mobley, whether they are in the Wizards or the Magic, are very incompatible.
As for who they get in the deal, they don’t really care so much.
Especially since they have better Grant Hill and Turkoglu in their team, Christie is not the kind of player they need.
They chose Christie, 南京龙凤论坛 the latter’s expiring contract is also an important reason.
So what Kupchak hopes is that Corritis can apply to buy out his last-year contract with the Magic and then join the Lakers!
Your Kings are unwilling to trade people directly to me, so I will save the country and go buyout and sign!
Of course, this road is definitely more difficult.
First of all, Christie must be interested, because if he buys out, he will have some sacrifices in salary.
Because of the Lakers’ salary cap, the largest contract that can be offered is a veteran’s basic salary.
Secondly, Magic management also had to nod.
Because buying out Christie means that they used Mobley to change the mid-stage of the first round, or the draft pick at the end of the first round, which is a bit of a loss.
Christie is very interested in Kupchak’s proposal.
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