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The football played by Sun Pan flew far out of the penalty 南京夜生活论坛 area, just passing by the Dortmund striker Mark, who was in front of him. Mark jumped up and wanted to top the ball, but the difference was too far.
The football flew out of the penalty area and fell to Lampard’s feet, and the crisis was lifted.
This is why Sun Pan chose to play with his fists instead of slaps the ball with his palms like other goalkeepers. 南京龙凤网 When he attacked, he noticed Mark’s advance. He was worried that if his palms could not fully touch the football, If there is no force when making a save, you may leave the football in the penalty area, which will give Mark a chance to shoot. So he simply chose to hit outwards with his fists.
Of course, this is also a risk. After all, the contact area of ??the fist is smaller than that of the palm, and in order to exert force, there is a hitting action. At the moment of the electric light flint, this hitting action seems a bit redundant, which may make the fist. Missed football. This is not a very safe solution. The safe way is to block directly with your hands. It is good to be able to block the first blow. As for the possible second blow, many goalkeepers can’t think about so much at all,
but they are very talented. 南京品茶网 Great, Sun Pan accurately judged that Royce was going to hit the far corner. Seeing Royce shooting, he swooped out, and his body drove his arms to rush outwards. You don’t need to wave the arms themselves, you can start. When the effect of the hit was reached, Sun Pan succeeded!
“Sun Pan! A terrific save! He moved so fast!” He Ping shouted excitedly.
As a Chinese commentator, he is both happy and entangled in this game. Of course, happiness is because he can see the duel between two high-level Chinese players. But entanglement is that he doesn’t know who should hope to win.
Chapter 53 The beautiful Sun Pan while
Royce was still sorry that he had missed this opportunity, Chelsea over there had already used this opportunity to launch a counterattac