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bout losing the ball, and now the most worrying thing has finally happened, everything is logical and natural.

This loss is destined, there is nothing to say.
Rather than 南京炮网 getting angry and losing the ball, it’s better to think about how you want to get the score back.
After the celebration, the Dortmund players returned to their own half, and Klopp returned to the command seat as well. He picked up the hat halfway through, patted the grass scraps on it, and put it on his head again. , The brim of the peaked cap was pressed very low, and his mirror frame could only be seen vaguely.
Back to the coaching bench, he high-fives his coaching staff one by one, with an undisguised smile on his face.
Of course he would be very happy to be ahead of Real Madrid. Because this is the victory of his tactics.
Just taking advantage of the opportunity to celebrate with the players, he also wanted the players to emphasize that after the score is leading, don’t let up, and continue to play like this. Real Madrid, who just 南京桑拿论坛 lost the ball, must be restless and emotionally affected. Whether it is offense or defense, they will definitely not be unified. At this time, as long as Dortmund continues to exert pressure, it is very likely to score another goal in a short time.
As long as you can maintain a two-goal lead in the first half, the chances of winning this game are very high.
At the same time, in the next door, Mourinho also walked to the sidelines and made a calm move to the Real Madrid players. After losing the ball, the players’ mood fluctuates and problems are most likely to occur. At this time, letting everyone’s mood stabilize is the top priority.
Even if the score cannot be equalized quickly, it cannot be conceded again in a short period of time.
After the game restarts, the Dortmund players really intend to take advantage of Real Madrid’s just concealed goal and their footing is not stable, and use a fierce attack to make another goal Ball.
But things are a bit different from what they though