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meet Jiang Hao’s requirements, he could only stay in this world for three months, two years was too long.

“Lu Xin, how long does it take to transform a treasure ship?” Jiang Hao asked.
Lu Xin thought for a while, “I guess it will be done in January.”
Jiang Hao immediately 南京龙凤网 ordered Lu Xin to transform the two treasure ships and use them first. At the same time, he built a large spacecraft. After the large spacecraft came out, he transplanted the Sky Star gems. Lu Xin nodded immediately. .
As for the 南京夜生活论坛 propeller, the technology is not enough for humans to come together. You can first replace it with humans, get a set of power output devices similar to bicycles, send people to pedal, and gear belts to drive them. There is not much resistance in the sky, and you can fly fast.
Jiang Hao felt that he had seen this scene in a certain movie.
Arrange these things, Jiang Hao Yu, who return the capital to the palace when the sky is black, when people eat, Jiang Hao suddenly remembered what, asked, “pheasant child, White Snake it?”
Lvzhi surprised a moment, “White Snake is not Have you been with Lang Jun all the time? Are you only close to Lang Jun on weekdays?”
“I haven’t seen her these days.” Jiang Hao frowned slightly.
On the day when he came to the mythical world, Jiang Hao still saw the white snake in the room and was entangled 南京桑拿论坛 on the beam of the house. However, because of cultivation, he only touched the white snake’s head and went to the backyard to start enlightenment. This enlightenment lasted a few days.
He didn’t see the white snake from the end of the enlightenment yesterday until today. Now he suddenly thinks of her, but finds that the white snake has not come to him at all.
“Isn’t it going to prey on my own?” Su Su said.
Jiang Hao shook his head, “Since she developed spiritual power, it only takes three days to eat an egg, and the room is prepared, and she never goes out to hunt.” After
eating , she looked for it again, but still didn’t find it.
Jiang Hao worried that the g