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mine that is not affected by the seasons, where slave labor is needed all year round, but the largest mine in this area is the Tanzan mine. The Viscount Andrew hasn’t increased recently. The intention of slave labor, and he seems to disdain this kind of act of capturing the refugees as slaves.”

“God knows whose money those mercenaries are collected,” Knight Philip said, “Maybe it is to be sold to the central region, there. There are so many mines and 南京夜生活论坛 merchants, and the price of slaves in the 南京桑拿论坛 central region is high. Many people will take risks to buy’private slaves’.”
Gao Wen was noncommittal, and soon, a thin bloody smell drifted into his nostrils.
“Stop!” He immediately waved his hand, and the soldier captains of each squad halted his team in a low voice, and everyone was on guard.
Even Amber, who was dying on horseback, felt the atmosphere change instantly (this alertness is still worthy of her pedigree, although it seems to be coaxed from no matter how you look), he opened his eyes all of a sudden, and then The whole person turned into a shadow and rushed to Gao Wen’s side: “There is a smell of blood ahead!”
“Holy light is on!” The army chaplain Wright immediately drew a sacred mark on his chest, “Someone is bleeding and dying.” The
soldiers were in Gao Wen. Led by him, he quickly crossed the woods and bushes, 南京419论坛 and the situation of the refugee settlements was then presented to them.
Those mercenaries have already started.
The settlement was surrounded by a circle of tattered wooden fences and thorns, but it was obviously unable to withstand the beast with the sword. There was a large open space between the few shabby tents. The refugees were driven to gather in the clearing, and more than 20 heavily armed mercenaries were divided into two groups, half guarded the camp outside, and the other half faced the gathered refugees with their swords out of the sheath. A man in a black bust walked up and down in front of these poor people who were about to become slaves, yelling and cursing s