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rful weapon of war at the time.

In the late Ming Dynasty, Xu Guangqi, Li Zhizao and others were used to imitate Hongyi cannons in order to resist the attack of Houjin. A total of more than a thousand doors were built, and Houjinurhachi was severely wounded and killed by a red artillery.
And the cannons in front of him were obviously red cannons. Jiang Hao glanced at it. There were 20 in total. He thought to himself that these red cannons would not be the first batch 南京炮网 that the Wanli Dynasty bought from the Dutch. Right!
He moved his mind, and immediately made a decision to install all these artillery pieces. The East was undefeated and had great ambitions. He wanted to overthrow the Ming Dynasty and make himself king, and even colluded with the Japanese. If these artillery remains in the hands of the East, I don’t know. How many killings will be caused.
When I came to the artillery, I swept it around, and all 20 thick barrels disappeared, and there was a pile of gun racks beside him. Jiang Hao also took one of them. As long as there is a model, this kind of thing can be made according to it. , Even without Jiang Hao, he can figure it out, and even make something better than it. Isn’t it a simple mechanical frame?
When I came to the gunpowder stick, I collected a few barrels of gunpowder. To 南京龙凤论坛 be honest, the gunpowder formula in Jiang Hao’s mind is definitely much stronger than the gunpowder of this era, and it is safer and more reliable. It is packed in packages and can even be waterproof. Medicine bag waterproof and medicine twist waterproof.
As for the ammunition, Jiang Hao also received two boxes. 南京水磨会所 The current Hongyi cannons are all solid iron bullets. It will not appear until after several rounds of improvement that the artillery shells are very difficult to make. If you need a large number of them in the future, you can. Find a blacksmith for casting.
He can even make out the blooming bullets in advance, and discard the clumsy solid bullets.
As for why he didn’t take it all away, t