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ft Yang. climb to find Sophie whisper, and had come to Zhang Yang Pan:南京龙凤网. “I became a loner with”
“You are ashamed to say, when will you get married?”
“Winter break, January 1st next year.”
“So fast!” Zhang Jun was surprised.
“We are both in this relationship. What are you doing if you don’t get married? It’s not like you are unlucky. You have to take the World Cup as a gift. I said, you go to the FIFA headquarters to steal, otherwise you will have no hope in your life. ”
I think you made Yilan’s belly bigger. Fengzi gets married, right?” Zhang Jun smiled maliciously.
“Fuck! Your thoughts are too impure! I wear condoms every time”
“Oh—” Zhang Jun opened his eyes wide .
Yang Pan coughed: “This is too normal. But you and Sophie are not normal. Under the same roof, you are still virgins.” After
drinking, Zhang Jun sighed in his heart. .
“Yang Pan, are you teaching our Zhang Jun again?” Sophie’s 南京品茶网 voice sounded behind him. He was frightened, and turned his head to see Yilan and Sophie together. The smile on his face made him behind. There was a chill.
“No, no.” He waved his hand quickly, it was not good for his wife to hear about it. “I and Zhang Jun are discussing human nature. Ah, um, I recently inquired about Anke, you must be very interested.” When Yang Pan saw that the momentum was wrong, he immediately turned everyone’s attention elsewhere. .
“Oh? What news?” Zhang Jun was really interested.
“An Ke is rumored to have a scandal, gossip!” Yang Pan looked excited.
“Look at your excitement, it’s not you who spread the scandal.” Zhang Jun curled his lips.
“What do you know? Although Anke always calls himself a flower butterfly, he is actually lustful and not daring. When did you hear that he had an affair with a certain woman?”
Zhang Jun thought about it for a while, and he really didn’t.
“Yes, so this time there is a scandal. I think Anke’s spring is coming. It is said that when he was entering and leaving the bar, he was photographed by reporters hugging a woman with a fi