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uang was also taken aback by the sudden outburst of Kaka, and he didn’t say anything there.
But Kaka’s emotions were like a flood that had been opened.
“You are still talking about old accounts, are you trying to insult me! Look at yourself, then at me, where am I your opponent?! I can’t afford an opponent like you!”南京龙凤论坛 Kaka He continued to roar, his white face was flushed red, and I don’t know if he was irritated by the glory, or because the words of the glory evoked the emotion
that has been suppressed and hidden deep in his heart, the emotion called “shame”.
The better Rongguang performed, the more heartbroken he was, and he was unwilling to watch the kid who was not as good as him in the past, and now he is getting stronger and stronger, and he is already number one in the world.
This emotion made him very upset, and even more upset was that it was impossible for him to vent it.
There are always some unscrupulous media who ask him what he thinks of Rongguang’s latest performance.
It’s ridiculous, what does the performance of glory have to do with yourself?
But because of his consistent image, Kaka has not been able to speak ill of these 南京炮网 media, or even express dissatisfaction.
So he can only force these emotions in his heart.
Each outstanding performance of Rongguang brought out his current failure, which makes it difficult for the proud Kaka to accept, but whether he can accept it or not, this fact exists.
He didn’t want to admit it, but reality reminded him time and time again-you are not as good as glory.
Now when I heard Rong Guang still say that he was his opponent, in Kaka’s eyes, this was just mocking himself and slapped himself in the face. Because any normal person knows that Kaka is no longer a glorious opponent!
“Rival of Glory”, this title now sounds ridiculously ironic.
Chapter 336
: I hate iron but not steel. “I have already lost, don’t you say that I am your opponent. I have already lost to you. I lost to you in the 2007 Champions League final! 南京419论坛 Please! You,