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he had already seen the championship and was beckoning to himself.
I have to say that Klaus’s spoiler is really critical.
Because knowing that he would be traded to the Raptors in the draft, Su Feng probably got a few interesting information from Klaus.
First of all, the trade application for the Raptors uniform group must be instigated by Davis.
After all, he could give such a crazy bargaining chip to trade himself. If Davis hadn’t persuaded the Raptors uniform team, Su Feng would not believe that the Raptors uniform team could have this vision.
So, 南京水磨会所 in other words, to a certain extent, Davis can more or less influence the Raptors management.
And Davis can influence the Raptors management, doesn’t it mean that Su Feng can influence the Raptors management?
Don’t look at the Raptors, the small team who wants money but no money, for the time being there is no market for the 南京品茶网 market, but
In this life, McGrady was simply Su Feng’s perfect Pippen candidate.
Secondly, the Raptors still hold the fourth pick in the first round in 1998. In this pick, on the premise that Klaus has already spoiled himself, Su Feng can suggest that the Raptors should not I changed my choice because of myself.
Although using this pick to pick Nowitzki and Pierce is a good choice, but in terms of combat power, no one can compare to Vince Carter among the rookies in 1998.
In Su Feng’s previous life, Carter had a very high degree of completion when he entered the NBA.
In the first season of his career, he was able to play star statistics, and in the second season, he was a half-man, half-god, and ignited the entire Canadian enthusiasm for basketball by himself.
With Hu Kai destined to become a BOSS in the future and Jordan will 南京桑拿论坛 not retire with a high probability, if you want to say which team has the most potential and can compete with these BOSS in the future, then
this answer is in Su Feng’s view . , It is the Raptors.
It doesn’t matter, Su Feng doesn’t plan to stay in Toronto anyway.