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Dang, Dang.

On the court, without knowing it, Su Feng’s personal iron count tonight has approached 20 iron. At this time, on the big screen of the North Shore Garden Arena, the on-site staff also gave an embarrassing data very unfriendly. That is the NBA’s single-game iron record so far, which is maintained by Su Feng and […]

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rubbed his chest, horse egg, Anderson is really not a thing!

After a round, Carlisle replaced Jordan and took down Birdman. Oden smiled, um, now it’s time to abuse food. Then, when the two sides huddled together to grab rebounds for the first time, little Jordan gave the elbow to the destined person without saying a word. “Bang!” Oden took a step back by his elbow, […]

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bout losing the ball, and now the most worrying thing has finally happened, everything is logical and natural.

This loss is destined, there is nothing to say. Rather than 南京炮网 getting angry and losing the ball, it’s better to think about how you want to get the score back. After the celebration, the Dortmund players returned to their own half, and Klopp returned to the command seat as well. He picked up the […]