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the suspicion and secret fighting between the rich and noble brothers. The more casually he spoke, the more I think he is very easygoing.

“Compared to black iron and red copper, the magic pattern spider silk is of course more precious, but this thing is made from the silk thread spun from the spider silk collected from the web of a dark spider man in the deep prison. The amount of spider silk is usually It’s very rare, and it can only be sold in magical tailor shops. The magic cloth business of the Imperial Capital has always been dominated by the three major tailors in the Imperial Capital. Our firm has never done silk thread and fabric business, just don’t want to deal with those The giants behind the three firms have any friction.” Louis gave me a casual glance.
He frowned slightly and said to me: “Although I am familiar with the Hofstadter family, the Mageweave cloth 南京夜生活spa论坛business of the Hofstadter family occupies the market in the southeast of the Green Empire. As for your The source of the goods, I guess it should come from the Northern Province. At present, the big cake of the magicweave spider silk business in the northern part of the Green Empire is still in the hands of Mrs. Alia. This is not the widow of the Babington family. It’s easy to talk, and it’s well-known in the emperor. It’s just that if you want to do the magicweave cloth business in the northern province, it’s hard to get around her network.”
This is the first time I heard Mrs. Alia’s name from others. I didn’t expect that the sister of Earl Zimmerman was so famous in the Imperial Capital, and I thought of being embarrassed for the first time in Zimmerman Manor. After meeting, we spent a catastrophe together on the airship and arrived at the Imperial Capital together. At that time, Mrs. Alia enthusiastically invited me to be a guest at her mansion, but the Imperial Capital was always busy. Busy, but slowly forget the invitation.南京桑拿按摩网
Now, when I heard Mrs. Alia’s name from Louis’s mouth again, I remembered that charming w