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emy to quickly cause a lot of blood loss.

This is the top of the mountain. Orc warriors who are good at throwing short flying spears from top to bottom will double their power.
I instructed the orc warrior Kentoya to carry out the two flamethrowers in the underground caves. The oil barrel and the spray 南京桑拿夜网 gun with the blessing of the wind system can spray the atomized corpse fire oil tens of meters away. Qige, a wind magician, arranged a small wind magic circle behind the two flamethrowers, and the light wind formed by the magic circle would continue to blow towards the dense forest on the hillside. 南京桑拿楼凤网
“Using corpse fire oil here, will you directly light up this black forest?” I whispered to Qige with a little worry.
Qige gave me an angry look, and looked very disgusted with me, and whispered to me: “Before the war, I was so hesitant, what qualifications do I have to be the master? Wouldn’t it be better for that piece of wood to burn? Isn’t it easy to cook the spiders hidden inside?”
Then she pointed to the gray sky, sighed softly and said: “It is the rainy season on the plane of Yero. What we have to pray is that it will not rain later, otherwise these corpses will be set up.
Fire oil shouldn’t be used anymore.” She squatted beside the orc Kentoya, looking curiously at the flamethrower in his hand that looked like a dwarven gun, but the mouth of the flamethrower looked much longer, and this The copper tube is thick enough 南京桑拿按摩网 for the arm, and six sets of wind arrays are engraved on it. The spray nozzle is attached with auxiliary tuyere. The whole sprayer is made of magic red copper, and the nozzle is made of high temperature resistant crucible material.
“These wind magic circles are really ugly drawn, but if you change the shape of the wind magic circles like this, these magic circles can still operate normally?” Qige looked at the long striped wind elements The circle looks incredible.
I stroked the familiar magic pattern on it, and explained to Qige: “Of course, these magic charms were des