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d character. And the frequency and breath of the fluctuations, but retains the original memory, is it equal to the present soul?”

“For example, the Duke of Memphis occupies your wife’s soul and simulates her memory and other characteristics, then is it just Is it equivalent to your wife? What is the 南京龙凤论坛 most basic feature of the soul, or the most essential thing?” The
old man looked at the “madam” next to him, his face was uncertain and difficult to answer, and the “Duke of Ice and Snow” 南京桑拿会所网 next to him deliberately “Enliven” the atmosphere: “In fact, for me, the most basic characteristic of the soul is the core of the devil.”
“I don’t know Mr. Evans, what do you think of this problem?” The old man looked at Lucian earnestly and expectantly. .
Lucian thought for a while and said: “I have been to the Necropolis and saw the Soul Fireplace.”
“The Necropolis? Soul Fireplace?” The old man felt more and more that he had been abandoned by the times.
Lucien gave a brief introduction to the necromantic world and the soul fireplace, and then did not describe his core research, but abstractly said: “I think the soul should have a higher level and more essential characteristics, which is different from the’soul fireplace ‘Closely connected, the specific situation, I am afraid I can only wait for me to return from the ancient hell, and then 南京夜生活spa论坛 publish a paper to discuss with the arcanists.” The
old man silently looked at the “flaming wine” in front of him, and said for a while: “I have something for the soul. Some of my own research, I hope I can exchange views with you.” As expected
of the legendary magician, I understood what I meant at once, Lucien smiled satisfied, and compared his current understanding of the soul (not including implication). Go to other arcane knowledge and a certain model part, because it still needs to be verified this time), and made a fair and just exchange with the old man.
The soul information provided by the old man is very detailed, including his various researches on the sou