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red lip print in my hand, shaking the amber liquid in the glass, and bending to face She stretched out her hand. She naturally put her hand on the palm of my hand and looked at me suspiciously.

“Come with me and I will show you something.” I said to Mrs. Alia.
She stood up without hesitation and followed me out of the secluded staircase. I took her to the living room, took out the bundle of Hextech drawings from the wooden cabinet on the side, and unfolded a drawing. Mrs. Ya said: “These are 南京桑拿会所 some of my ideas for the rectification of the talisman workshop. In the future, the fine gold magic pattern rune board will be the main product of this workshop. This is the rubbing mold drawing I retrieved. With it, the pure gold solution can be evenly brushed onto the red bronze rune plate. The pattern of the fine gold magic pattern rune plate printed by this mold will be exactly the same, and the efficiency of painting the magic pattern will become very high. .”
Alia looked at the overlapping lines on the drawing, her brows twisted together unconsciously.
The Babington family is the oldest manufacturer of magic rune boards. Mrs. Alia is also very familiar with how to produce magic rune boards. Completely subvert the traditional talisman plate manufacturing process.
And now I took out a set of mechanical drawings that only a short craftsman could understand, and Mrs. Alia was even more confused.
I said to Mrs. Alia: “It’s just that this thing is currently only on the 江苏桑拿论坛 drawings. I hope someone can understand these drawings and make them. Of course, these things are still left to professional people to do, so I I need you to help me find a few short craftsmen in the imperial capital. I believe they will like this challenging job.”
Mrs. Alia heard that I just wanted her to find a short craftsman, but she spared such a big circle. On a dumbfounded expression.
I said to Mrs. Elia: “I will return to the Royal Academy of Magic tomorrow for class. I will give you a copy of this drawing, and you will bri