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ute of Magic, I had a conversation with Mrs. Alia all morning. I have considered all the existing problems, so I said “Although we will never be able to cooperate with the Babington family as long as she is there, but after all, the Babington family can’t control all the green metal plate market. Presumably no one knows better than the members of the Babington family. Who is the opponent, we only need to find the supplier of the talisman metal plate, maybe we can solve the problem of the supply of the talisman metal plate, or we can find another way, change the traditional production process of the talisman metal plate, so that we can prepare the talisman ourselves Metal plate processing workshop.”

the traditional Ming school books, all the Ming division We are all imprisoned in a circle. Few people can jump out of this circle and look at the 南京夜生活spa论坛 problem from another angle. Qige only has a certain understanding of Mingxue, and I am a little confused by the new viewpoints I put forward. I asked ignorantly: “Change the production process?”
So, I said my thoughts: “Yes, since the golden magic pattern engraved on the red bronze rune plate can appear, and it has been completely completed in the laboratory. It is confirmed that it has the feasibility, then I think this kind of talisman plate may be able 南京夜生活论坛 to break the cage that the talisman metal plate can only be hand-carved by the inscription master, maybe I can try to use the printing plate mold to achieve this new Craftsmanship, if we can get rid of the limitations of hand-drawing by the inscriptionist, the manufacturing cost of our talisman metal plate may be reduced to less than 1 gold. Do you know what this means?”
Qige seemed to lift the veil before her eyes , Said: “The elementary magic
runeboard 南京桑拿楼凤网 will be popularized by all people.” Coming out of Qige’s magic laboratory, passing by the Sindky Scholar’s ??laboratory, I naturally want to take a look at Deborah. It seems that every time I come to visit recently When she was, she could feel it, he