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somewhat embarrassing, but in front of her friend, she remained calm, took her friend’s hand, stood together, and when they were about to open the magic shield, she didn’t forget to flutter me with disdain. Look.

The third grade students began to appear at the entrance of the teaching building.
A figure wearing a Kalmian magic robe came slowly from the corner of the stairs. The magic students encountered along the way evaded one after another, as if their queen had arrived, and 南京桑拿会所网 Qige was holding a book of magic. The book appeared in my sight, and Takama wore tight leather armor, always posing as if no one was near, and following Qige.
Qige stood beside me nonchalantly, looking up at the water curtains hanging down in the sky, frowning slightly, under everyone’s gaze, casually said to me: “I haven’t used magic yet, why are you in a daze? ”
I grew my mouth, looked at Qige with a bit of speechlessness, and said to my heart: Didn’t you say that in the college, you treat each other as strangers?
The rich water element fills the air, I just move a little thought, and I can easily gather a water ball in the palm of my hand without consuming any mana.
In rainy days, the casting speed of any water magic will increase by at least 20%, and the mana consumption in the body is less than half of the usual.
Manipulating a pure water ball, transforming it into a huge hollow water ball in the air, covering me and Qige, in the enviable 江苏桑拿论坛 eyes of the magic students guarding the entrance of the teaching building, walking in the rain against the huge water ball When the rain falls on the water ball, it will be completely dissolved in the water curtain immediately, and the excess rain water will flow down the water ball to the ground.
If someone is careful, they will find that I am walking in the rain, but I am actually standing on the surface of the rain, and my boots are not wet.
283. Body Refining
Watching Qige board the carriage going to the Academy of Magic, I stood in the heavy rain and recalled he