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descending and asked the barbarian leader on the square: “Your protest is because we orc warriors eat fish more often than you barbarian slaves. Are you dissatisfied in your heart?”

The barbarian At more than three meters tall, he does not need to look up at Kalancuo above the pile. He said strongly: “We are not satisfied! We also want to eat stewed fish!”
Kalancuo said to the barbarian leader: “My man The orc warriors of the country can eat this 南京桑拿楼凤网 stew because they have just experienced a battle on the plane. This box of mackerel was exchanged for the battle. Why do you enjoy the fruits of such a victory?” The
barbarian leader and Kalantuo
looked at each other and said loudly: “We barbarians can fight too!” Kalantuo set his eyes on the barbarians in the square, raised the black iron spear in his hand, and asked them: ” Who of you wants to eat stewed fish?”
All the savages stood up and said loudly to Kalantso, “We all want to eat!”
Kalantuo smiled coldly, and threw the black iron spear in his hand. The black iron spear turned into a dark shadow in the air, directly inserted on the rocky ground, and the tip of the spear penetrated into the rock. The ruler, the end of the spear still trembled, and there was a buzzing sound.
Standing on the pile of materials, Kalancuo took 江苏桑拿论坛 the two-handed sword behind his back, his momentum soared by three points, and said loudly to the barbarians in front of him: “Well, don’t say I won’t 南京龙凤网 give you food. The opportunity to fish, you barbarians, whoever can beat me is qualified to eat fish!”
These barbarian slaves were all defeated by me, Kalantuo and Ruka the tauren, and thus became slaves.
Although the savages are reckless, irritable, and rebellious, they are very honest. As long as it is something they believe, it will be deeply rooted in their hearts. They had suffered in the hands of Kalancuo, so they insisted that they could not beat Kalancuo anyway, and the barbarians did not seem to be ashamed of defeat.
This is the barbarian on the square, shoutin