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ed in the crowd, and the sailors engulfed in flames scurrying around holding fire shields.

Some sailors with black oil technique dragged a billowing smoke, wailed down the slaver, and jumped directly into the sea where sharks were swimming everywhere.
Senior Dylan sits on the magic wand and releases a series of magic missiles. Each missile hits a sailor’s body, and a certain part 江苏桑拿论坛 of their body is suddenly missing such a big piece, like disappearing out of thin air. In the same way, white Sensen’s bone residue, subcutaneous fat, and blood-red muscle fibers can be seen on the cross section, and then blood burst out.
Senior Dylan used a magic that I had never seen before, and opened my eyes.
When Luca the Tauren and the eight construct knights climbed up from the side of the ship’s side with their bare hands, they were a little dumbfounded to see the scene on the deck.
The deck was messed up by magic and the three female warriors. The sailors who fled in all directions hid in the cabin below the deck. Only a messy corpse was left on the deck, and there were some sailors who were forced to despair. In desperation, he had to jump into the sea full of sharks from a ship tens of meters high.
A fire ignited on the deck of 南京桑拿会所 the slaver, and Rand led the seven construct knights after the sailors on the deck desperately, got into the cabin below the deck, and the battle showed a tendency to fall side by side.
The sailors on this slave ship were frightened 南京桑拿会所网 by the fierce Karan. No matter how the chief officer drove them, they did not want to continue fighting, but fled in full.
We also jumped onto the deck from the magic wand, watching the sailors jump into the sea, Ying Le let Helena and Becky cut the water cage on the deck, rescued the Naga slaves inside, and smashed them away. The slave collars on their necks made them jump into the sea from the deck.
These Naga slaves went upstream from the deck to the side of the ship like water snakes, and jumped into the sea one after another. The Naga sea t