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and some animal skins and dried meat will be sold. Later, the people in the small town voluntarily gave up the square, forming a pattern like today’s free market.

In the free market in this small town, I even saw Master Leipas 南京夜生活论坛 leading his attendants in the crowd. My ears have become very sharp. I can hear Leipas tens of meters away from them. Master Ipas said to his attendants: “Why, the largest grain merchant here has never heard of 南京桑拿按摩网 vermicelli?”

“They did say that they had never seen the vermicelli that I described, and even heard of it. . “An attendant answered.
“Oh, continue to inquire around and ask more. You don’t have to find out where it is made. As long as they can get it, you can sell it to us. Tell them we can trade for fine forged iron ingots!”
“Yes, sir.”
“Old Kuru told him that we wanted to buy some vermicelli and send it back to the imperial capital with a fast horse, and preheat the market. The secret of this thing seems to be in the hands of the Gludin tribe orcs. If that’s the case, it’s really hard to handle! Just operating this one alone can eat us to death. We have to let the wind go. We want to buy it at a high price. When the time comes, let them fight on their own. The Orc tribe also has 南京夜生活spa论坛 it, and the price won’t be what they want.”
The conversation of the group of them became quieter and quieter, and the people went farther and farther. I thought to myself: This Master Leipas’s tone is so tight that he never showed how much he valued vermicelli in the caravan, but as soon as he arrived in the orc’s territory, he cast a net around to listen to the vermicelli news. It seems that he Definitely see the huge business opportunities brought by vermicelli. I was just worried that Kuru saw what he was thinking and deliberately hoarded vermicelli to raise the price, so he never showed his thoughts. This thought is really hidden.
The magic potion shop is actually not that big. Just to the left of a beef and beer hotel in the northwest corner of the free market, it is a s